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Meditation Made Easy

Demystifying meditation and understanding the nature of the mind.

🌟Unlock your path to inner peace and self-realization with Meditation Made Easy, a transformative four-week course led by Jason Donaldson, a Galactic Shaman and experienced psychotherapist. This empowering journey, merges ancient wisdom with modern psychological approaches, offering a deeper connection to your authentic self.


Meditation Made Easy isn't just about meditation—it's a voyage towards understanding your inner truth. Jason's personal healing journey, rooted in the realization of an unbroken, divine essence within, forms the foundation of this program. Through this course, you'll uncover the truth that exists within you, experiencing a profound shift towards a more connected and grounded existence.


What makes this course exceptional is Jason's ability to merge diverse healing modalities, such as Sekhem Energy Healings, Galactic Breathing ceremonies, Tarot and Energy Signature Readings, and group Sekhem Activations. This unique alchemical blend offers an immersive experience, connecting you to your Galactic Self—your essence slightly separated from the universal Source energy. 🌌


Meditation Made Easy demystifies meditation, offering simple, yet powerful techniques and clear, concise guidance. Jason's approach, rooted in the belief that you are already enlightened and connected, focuses on surrender rather than striving. Embrace your deeply felt inner wisdom and understand the mind's workings to achieve calmness easily overlooked by many. 🧘‍♂️


Join this course to unlock a myriad of benefits:


- Embrace becoming the witness and the dancer in life, responding rather than reacting.

- Gain internal space for clarity and heightened awareness.

- Experience emotional release and deeper connection to your authentic self and spiritual guides.

- Cultivate a conscious, aware, and relaxed state of being, looking forward to meditation daily. 🌿


This evergreen course spans four weeks covering essential topics like intention, distraction, gratitude, and integration of emotion. Enjoy lifetime access to the course materials and recordings for continued growth. 


🌟Are you ready to begin your journey towards inner harmony and self-discovery? Gain access to this course today!

Energy Exchange is $144 for lifetime access to the course, recorded videos, and downloadable audio guided meditations. 

About your guide

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Jason Donaldson, M.A. has been helping people find their center and live in alignment for over 10 years. He combines the ancient art of meditation with psychological practices, breathwork, energy work, channeled messages, and grounded common sense.  

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