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Dear Healer,

To remember is to heal. To be a healer is to be one who remembers and helps others do the same.

To let go of the identification with depression, anxiety, and grief. Finding a place of honoring the human experience while expanding into the deeper remembering of what is found deep inside.

If you have found this page, you are ready to remember and live the beautiful feeling that you knew long ago and visit more often then you might realize. A powerful feeling of connection.

I assist people to be in that space more often with the ability to navigate and honor emotion while calming the nervous system; so you can live your best life!

Free Course: 5 Minute Energy Shift

Sekhem Healing

Sekhem is an ancient Egyptian energy healing art.  The word Sekhem means “power” or “power of powers”.  It is the channeling of powerful cosmic forces with balanced earth archetypal energies.  This energy healing modality incorporates sound, breath, and guided meditation.  

Clients have reported:

  • Clarity of purpose and direction
  • Healing of pain and discomfort 
  • Guidance from soul family
  • Deep relaxation and feelings of wellbeing
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Tarot and Energy Signature Readings

Jason and his guides lovingly tune into your unique energy signature providing messages and downloads from your Galactic Self.

Jason shares what your Galactic Self is and how this translates down through various levels of incarnation allowing for greater clarity and direction in your current life. 

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Spirit Guidance Mentoring

  • Are limiting beliefs diminishing the truth of who you are?
  • Are you feeling emotional pain and overwhelm without understanding why?
  • Are you ready to let go of the past and embody your authentic Self?
  • Ready to navigate anything that comes your way with more grace and ease?

I assist people to find the source of Joy from deep within through conscious release of energy while training you to navigate the mind, calm the body, feel your soul, and to truly know the master healer inside. 

Live your best life!

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“To remember is to heal. I help people remember so they can live their best lives!" -Jason Donaldson

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Carol Coughlin

Jason is an intuitive facilitator and healer who integrates a great many therapeutic modalities into his work. Upon our first meeting I immediately sensed a depth of awareness and an embodiment of the beginner’s mind. I now recognize him as a trusted professional.

 My first personal experience with Jason’s facilitation ability was when he led me through some deep processing work five years ago. After listening to the introduction to my story he asked a simple, powerful question. The answer was inside me of course, but I didn’t have the presence of mind to ask it of myself. This information set me off on a whole new, mind expanding path which continues to this day and no doubt beyond.

 By applying his heartfelt curiosity, diverse training, experience, and divine guidance Jason makes a unique and valuable contribution to the lives he touches; he engages us in a way that encourages our active participation in our own growth and personal empowerment.

 I see his work as an example of the new but ancient paradigm, the merging of science and true spirituality. Know thy Self.

Deb F. 

"This was my very first Sekhem treatment with Jason and it was so powerful! I could feel the Egyptian Gods and Goddess energetically working through Jason immediately. The most powerful effects were felt a day later when all the pain in my right leg and lower back were gone, and still are. There was a huge release of stuck energy located in that part of my body. I also now feel a stronger undeniable comfort with acknowledging, living and speaking my truth; a beautiful feeling of self acceptance.

Jason explained the significance of the Egyptian deities that showed up for me and the meaning of any messages. Finally, Jason shared with me the 12D shield building technique to keep my energy health and free flowing, which I love and use everyday!

I highly recommend a Sekhem treatment with Jason!"

Deepa L.

"I had the good fortune of receiving Sekhem Healing Work from Jason. He is equally professional as he is caring and nurturing.

In preparation for my session, he made sure his energy was in the highest purest vibration possible at that time. This provided a solid and loving container from which to receive this ancient and powerful energy work. Afterwards, I felt grounded, balanced and in a deep state of peace.

I felt like all the different aspects of my being had come home, safely in my body, I am one.

Thank you Jason!"

Pan Aeon

Jason holds amazing wisdom and embodies a compassionate approach to self healing. His gentle yet clear guidance is so appreciated ❤️


"Jason Donaldson holds a safe gentle and encouraging space to relax, breathe deeply, dive into one's core being.

He combines open, cathartic query into one's true highest core self, through conversation, energetic presence, deep breath work, sound healing, scent of sacred herbs for clearing and releasing energies which are ready to be let go and transformed into new ways of feeling and perceiving our reality.

I found it easy to surrender to my own process of release, through the breath, of what no longer is serving me, with his support. He seemed to intuitively know what to say, where energy was moving, and to illuminate and celebrate this, for my highest outcome, which is a mystery unfolding...I experienced a beautiful openness to beauty and expansive unfolding and shifting in the weeks after our session.

I appreciate and value his gift for holding space with intention and courage, gentleness and intuition.

I highly recommend the Sekhem session he offers."

Jackyln Garnick

"If you have an opportunity to work with Jason Donaldson Healer, please do it!! He is an amazing guide who has helped me through several of the many modalities he practices.

I have been doing weekly "Beyond Breath" breathwork that has healed me in ways I wasn't expecting or anticipating. It is one of the best things I do for myself on a regular basis. Jason's steady guidance of Galactic Breathing has helped me clear and purge, find self love and bliss. Yes thank you, following my bliss!

I also had a Sekhem Healing Session with him this spring that helped me shift the grief I had been carrying over my husband's suicide eight years ago. He intuitively understood how he was able to help me, when others had not. I am so grateful he follows his intuition and I was open to receiving and to be the benefactor of this gift. I feel very blessed. It changed my life.

I have also participated in his weekly online Galactic Shaman's live tarot and energy readings. Always interesting conversations with his energy partner - Deepa and the energy reading I had through the live call was mind expanding. Definitely worth the small fee they ask.

Today, I had the opportunity to do a one on one private energy reading and it was amazing. Jason's intuition and channeling ability allowed him, using his divination tools, to center right in on what was going on with me. His loving demeanor held me safe, as I acknowledged within my self some of the things that had been lurking in the darkness, waiting for the healing light of love to encourage it to move forward on healing these long held wounds. I walked away with more clarity and loving myself more. Again, feeling very blessed by my association with Jason, a true Healer living from his heart, with a great deal of love to share with humanity.

If you are looking for a Guide to assist you; in healing, navigating difficult times, understanding inner child wounds, or just curious about how to create a better life - rather online or in person, Jason is amazing, very supportive, patient, and kind. Love is the answer and he is VERY heart centered. May you too find your answers with his guidance."