Embark on a Cosmic Journey with Galactic Breathing  

Are you ready to awaken your Galactic Self, the highest aspect of your being? This extraordinary breathwork modality, honed over 15 years of intensive study and practice across various disciplines, is your gateway to experiencing the profound and transformative power of breath.

Explore the Depths Within:

Re-member answers and clarity to questions that may have eluded you or seemingly slipped away. Galactic Breathing takes you on an inner odyssey to unlock hidden truths of your being.

Master Your Inner World:

This opportunity empowers you to regulate your nervous system, harmonize emotions, and effortlessly navigate the labyrinth of your thoughts. 


What People are saying: 

Kirston Sperague

I highly recommend attending Jason's Breathwork offerings. He makes everyone feel welcome. His presence & voice are very soothing, relaxing & peaceful. His guidance through breathwork journeys are Epic! 

A Dynamic Journey: 

Galactic Breathing is a dynamic and accessible form of breathwork, beginning gently and gradually intensifying. It's suitable for all levels of experience, making it perfect for newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike. 

🧘‍♀️Guided Meditation & Beyond:

Immerse yourself in guided meditations, energy work, and channeled messages tailored to the group's energy. These integral components enhance your experience.


🔮 Your Personal Path:

At this ceremonial event, we encourage you to be sovereign. Jason, your guide, will be your compass, but you're free to follow your intuition and body's messages.


🌍 Real-Time Wisdom:

In this transformative event, you'll acquire practical skills to:


✨ Regulate your nervous system

✨ Embrace the power of your emotions gently

✨ Tap into inner wisdom through your felt sense

✨ Gain mastery over your thinking mind

✨ Cultivate present-moment awareness and explore new realities

✨ Deepen your connection to your body and grounding


🌠 Be a Beacon of Light 🌠


Welcome to New Earth Training, where we are stepping into the light and love that we are. As we navigate our ascension phase and embody our true selves, we inspire others to follow suit. Remember, every step you take contributes to positive change within and around you.


🌌 A Journey Built on Expertise 🌌


This modality has evolved through:


🌟 Over a hundred live events

🌟 Thousands of hours in small group facilitation

🌟 Clinical therapeutic training

🌟 Mastery in energy healing

🌟 Countless hours of meditation practice, culminating in the essence of Galactic Shamanism


Who is Jason?

To remember is to heal. I help people remember so they can live their best lives!



Jason Donaldson has a bachelor’s in Psychology from University of Hawai’i at Hilo, a master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from NCU, is a certified master Sekhem Energy Practitioner, Spirit Guidance Mentor, and creator of the Galactic Breathing Technique.

Jason has an extremely varied background in many healing modalities and much esoteric study such as: ascension mechanics, quantum physics, galactic shamanism, nutrition, tai chi, qi gong, tarot, shadow work, energy signature reading, etheric surgery, implant removal, meditation, breathwork, soul retrieval, and energetic archetypes.

He has been trained in The Three Principles approach to mental health, facilitated various therapeutic and support groups, workshops, and rite of passage ceremonies for over 10 years on the Big Island of Hawai’i.




Jason holds amazing wisdom and embodies a compassionate approach to self healing. His gentle yet clear guidance is so appreciated ❤️

-Pan Aeon


Jason Donaldson holds a safe gentle and encouraging space to relax, breathe deeply, dive into one's core being.



If you have an opportunity to work with Jason Donaldson Healer, please do it!! He is an amazing guide who has helped me through several of the many modalities he practices.

I have been doing weekly "Beyond Breath" breathwork that has healed me in ways I wasn't expecting or anticipating. It is one of the best things I do for myself on a regular basis. Jason's steady guidance of Galactic Breathing has helped me clear and purge, find self love and bliss. Yes thank you, following my bliss!


Don’t wait! Make Self care a priority and dance more gracefully with life. 



Let's find and shine your Galactic Self

Bring Jason's skill and expertise to your retreat or venue