What if what you thought was a limitation was actually your power? 

What if the challenge or thing you were labeled was just misunderstood?

Spirit Guidance Mentoring

Are you ready to gain greater understanding and context?  


Are you ready to let go and trust that you are not broken?

Universal Truth/Healing is within us all.
It often only takes a guide.
One who has been in the place of forgetting. A guide that has been there and found the way back home.
A guide that has been trained in both worlds and can navigate the ones in-between.

A combination of lifetimes of study in multiple healing modalities both esoteric and traditional. 


Breathing techniques bringing you into the Now moment.

Guided Meditation 

Expert guidance with client specific channeled meditations.

Master's level psychology 

Clinically trained in systems psychology 

Energy Work

Certified Master Sekhem Practitioner 

Carol Coughlin

Jason is an intuitive facilitator and healer who integrates a great many therapeutic modalities into his work. Upon our first meeting I immediately sensed a depth of awareness and an embodiment of the beginner’s mind. I now recognize him as a trusted professional.

 My first personal experience with Jason’s facilitation ability was when he led me through some deep processing work five years ago. After listening to the introduction to my story he asked a simple, powerful question. The answer was inside me of course, but I didn’t have the presence of mind to ask it of myself. This information set me off on a whole new, mind expanding path which continues to this day and no doubt beyond.

 By applying his heartfelt curiosity, diverse training, experience, and divine guidance Jason makes a unique and valuable contribution to the lives he touches; he engages us in a way that encourages our active participation in our own growth and personal empowerment.

 I see his work as an example of the new but ancient paradigm, the merging of science and true spirituality. Know thy Self.

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What is Your Divine Essence and Passion?

Are you feeling the call to embark on a deeply transformative journey toward a life brimming with fulfillment, joy, and a sense of divine purpose? If so, welcome to Spirit Guidance Mentoring – a sacred space where you can unlock the power of your divine essence and experience a positive corrective journey guided by a supportive mature masculine mentor.

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to lose sight of our true selves amidst the chaos and noise. But within you lies the truth of your being and a connection to your infinite potential, waiting to be unleashed. It's time to awaken to the wisdom of both the divine feminine and mature masculine energies within you, leading to a harmonious balance that radiates throughout every aspect of your life.

Our mentoring program is designed specifically for women like you, who are ready to embark on a profound inner journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Guided by a compassionate and understanding male mentor, you'll explore ancient spiritual practices, modern psychological insights, and intuitive guidance to align with your infinite eternal Spirit within.

Through one-on-one sessions each week you will:

  • Embrace the divine feminine within you, reconnecting with your intuition, creativity, and nurturing essence.
  • Cultivate the mature masculine energy, fostering strength, clarity, and purposeful action in your life.
  • Heal past wounds and limiting beliefs that have held you back from experiencing true joy and abundance.
  • Gain practical tools and techniques to navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience.
  • Tap into your innate spiritual gifts and intuition, allowing them to guide you towards your highest path and purpose.

Most importantly, you'll be supported every step of the way by a mentor who truly understands and honors the unique journey of the feminine and the previous lack of support of this powerful energy rising to her rightful place within and around us all now. With a deep respect for your individual experiences and a genuine commitment to your growth, this mentorship program provides a strong, safe, and nurturing environment for you to thrive.

Now is the time to reclaim your power, embrace your role in the New Earth, and step into the radiant, joyous life you came here to live on this beautiful planet. Join this transformative journey and experience the magic of Spirit Guidance Mentoring today. Your soul is calling – will you answer?

"To remember is to heal. I help people remember so they can live their best lives!"-Jason Donaldson 

Free 20min Introduction Call