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Sekhem Healing

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Take a magical healing journey with this ancient and powerful energy modality.

Connect with Star family & your inner Healer.
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What is Sekhem? 

A powerful ancient Egyptian energy healing modality which literally means power, the power of powers, or more specifically, the “first power”. This is the channeling of powerful cosmic forces with balanced earth archetypal elements. Cosmic forces known as the Egyptian gods. In our deeper galactic understanding these “gods” are actually our star brothers and sisters here now to assist us during this powerful time of transformation which is available to all those living on our planet at this time.

Each session is unique to the individual with which Neteru steps forward most prominently to assist while all are in attendance. This channeled energy is the energy of creation itself with specific energetic archetypes more available to the individual based on their development at a soul level or what is most needed.

Working with this energy helps elevate levels of consciousness towards creating a new reality from within. With this expanded consciousness/awareness, more can be seen and experienced that is truly desired with greater clarity in dancing with what is currently showing up with greater grace and ease.   

Sekhem is different from Reiki by working through the soul chakra and earth chakra. This allows for akashic impressions and integrations of multiple aspects of Self through all lifetimes and identities.

This is the equivalent of soul level healing and integration rather than just at a physical level. 

Jason’s unique form of Sekhem Sessions utilizes:

  • Galactic Shamanism
  • Sound
  • Guided Journeying/Meditation
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Integration    

Author and researcher Lesley Jackson has described Sekhem as the original power. A power that arose at the instance of creation during what is called First Time.

Sekhem is the energy that drives creation. It is heat, light, and fire like the life giving energy of the sun. The central sun which reside in us all.

Jason and his guides are excited to help you experience this powerful process!

What are the benefits? 

This energy is ancient and connected to the star systems of Sirius and Orion. Much can shift in the interaction with this energy channeled through Jason.

  • Relief of Pain and Swelling*
  • Clarity of purpose and wellbeing*
  • Guidance from soul family*
  • Increase in sense of agency (the ability to face life and its challenges with confidence)*
*As has been reported by previous clients. 
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