"Open your Heart up to yourself and watch the world blossom." - Goddess Isis

Are you ready to surrender to your best life?

Tired of the same patterns playing out in your life? 

Are you desiring assistance navigating emotions and calming the nervous system?  

Ready to let go and trust your inner Wisdom and innate healing power?

Who is Jason? 

From an early age Jason felt a connection to the world around him in a very powerful and often overwhelming way. An extreme sensitivity and inner vision had him withdraw from people and himself.

He explored all the wrong ways to cope with this in his teenage and young adult years until his Saturn return/dark night of the soul event led him to the desert of Arizona to begin training with his first metaphysics teacher.

This lead him down a path of healing and Self-discovery studying and applying everything he could in an effort to fix himself until finally realizing the truth of Spirit that we are already whole and complete.

He then remembered to more consciously dwell in the feeling before time and the connection to all things, that which is felt so often in meditation and times of Joy. This place of the Heart led him to his connection with soul family.

This soul/star family connection and previous training brought forth the ability to channel energy and work as a healer in a more powerful way.   


Jason Donaldson has a bachelor’s in Psychology from University of Hawai’i at Hilo, a master's in Marriage and Family Therapy from NCU, is a certified master Sekhem Energy Practitioner, Spirit Guidance Mentor, and creator of the Galactic Breathing Technique.

Jason has an extremely varied background in many healing modalities and much esoteric study such as: ascension mechanics, quantum physics, galactic shamanism, nutrition, tai chi, qi gong, tarot, shadow work, energy signature reading, etheric surgery, implant removal, meditation, breathwork, soul retrieval, and energetic archetypes.

He has been trained in The Three Principles approach to mental health, facilitated various therapeutic and support groups, workshops, and rite of passage ceremonies for over 10 years on the Big Island of Hawai’i.


Are you ready to gain greater understanding and context?  


Are you ready to let go and trust that you are not broken?

Universal Truth/Healing is within us all.
It often only takes a guide.
One who has been in the place of forgetting. A guide that has been there and found the way back home.
A guide that has been trained in both worlds and can navigate the ones in-between. A Galactic Shaman helping you remember the truth of who you are. That which you hid from yourself until you were ready.
Are you ready? 

Many different ways to work with me 

Check out one of our live events. 

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Connect with the powerful cosmic forces known intimately in ancient times, here again to assist humanity during the birthing of the new world.

Sekhem Healing

Jason and his guides lovingly tune into your unique energy signature providing messages and downloads from your Galactic Self. 

Tarot and Energy Signature Reading


Awaken your Galactic Self, the highest aspect of your being. This extraordinary breathwork modality, is your gateway to experiencing the profound and transformative power of breath.

Galactic Breathing Private Session

Schedule a free 20min Spirit Guidance Mentorship Introduction.  

Spirit Guide Mentoring

“I help people remember. To remember Truth from deep inside is to heal.” -Jason


Free Course: 5 Minute Energy Shift

What is a Galactic Shaman?  

In the simplest terms, a Galactic Shaman is: One who holds a spiritual perspective with the understanding that we are not alone in the Universe. 

To go a bit deeper: This inclination is often seen in someone with a combination of energetic skills and the ability to integrate multiple modalities in a grounded way. This facilitates connecting the seen with the unseen, the cosmic with the earth, and assisting people beyond the illusion of separation to the Source of all things from deep inside. 

I personally do this through experiential events, transformative ceremonies, individual and group sessions, as well as long-term Spirit Guidance Mentoring for those that really want to connect to their deep inner wisdom and navigate any environment. 

Most shamans, traditional or galactic, will be able to navigate any environment and hold space between the worlds that simultaneously exist energetically. They are almost one in the same, and yet a Galactic Shaman will not be restricted by culture or specific teachings of how to do things - not saying that is true for other shamans in every case.  

All shamans, which we all hold that archetypal pattern and often have had lifetimes as, receive and gain information from other realms and are able to convey the messages in ways people can hear or experience energetically. They remember many of their past/parallel lives, have experienced death, and many other rememberings initiated from the Universe in the form of visions and “real-life” experiences to keep them grounded.

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