Galactic Awareness of Emotion

emotions galactic wisdom sirian Jun 16, 2023

To be Galactic is to be centered in oneself and able to perceive reality from a very wide “Galactic” lens. This is more than a seeing thing. It is feeling, knowing, listening, dancing, and dreaming in a way that is beyond what we may have been taught all these words mean. It is the ability to remember that which existed before time, space, and matter and with the ability to see what has happened since then. In a very deep confusing sense, nothing has really happened it was only perceived in a certain way creating our experience based on that perception. It is multidimensional and existing all at once.

Cultivating this perception of reality is of great value. For we are in a time that is asking us to see things as they are rather than as we think they are.

To become present with what is actually happening verses what has happened before.

Basically, to let go of our old way of thinking and believing to perceive with new eyes. (We can do this with the breath)

To come full circle in our journey here towards sovereignty and liberation from our own self-imposed reality. One that we may have seemingly and righteously blamed others for.

What if there truly is no “other” and this was all for us? What if we are being asked to finally face what we have knowingly and unknowingly created.

A Galactic perspective is also the understanding through direct felt experience that we are not alone. This is rarely a direct physical contact experience, but through deep inner knowing, channeling, quiet times of contemplation, meditation, visions, or synchronicities confirming what was known long ago and will become more common knowledge once again.

That we are not alone and we are loved by many all throughout the galaxy.

That in the grand scheme of things there are way more benevolent beings throughout the cosmos than ones that wish us harm.

When we are able to open up, letting go of the fear of what is uncomfortable because it seems new or the idea that we already know something, the more shows up. More support from our Galactic families and guides manifests. This is often very subtle but definitely grows with time as we continue to choose our higher activations and integrations which are basically just us coming back to remembering what we intentionally forgot.

How we do that is actually very simple, coming into presence in our infinite Self and feeling the emotion waiting there for us that is desiring acknowledgement.

Simply feeling our emotions in the moment without distraction or even consoling them other than with presence. So simple and yet very tricky because it shatters the illusion that we wanted to create to experience these emotions in the first place. Emotions that are different from our natural state which is the energy of love, peace, and joy. Ultimately, Love.

The “How”

There are many ways to come into presence for we are already there and yet a part of us is constantly hiding this fact so we can have our experience here. This ego or intellect gets a bad rap. It is neither good or bad it just is. It is the anchor for which allows us to have this experience.

This was all highlighted very well with numerous examples of how various galactic races have navigated this in the amazing book, “The Golden Lake” by Lyssa Royal-Holt which I have mentioned in previous writings.

I could dive very deep into this book but perhaps you may want to do that yourself. So, I will instead share one of the wonderful gems I found within its pages. I definitely recommend reading the whole book as it is a great story increasing one’s perspective, understanding/remembering, and confidence that we are doing great as we navigate what is a rather challenging and exciting time.

  • Going from polarity to paradox-The Sirian Formula
    • Polarity -to overcome this one must learn to view themselves from the outside. This occurs more easily after having felt through emotional pain. (To breathe with it, without feeding the emotional pain with what the ego mind may project onto it)
    • Paradox -ability to recognize that this polarity actually moves you to a state of paradox. With practice this allows one to rest in a neutral state seeing both sides as true without having strong feelings about either side.
    • Alchemy -resting more in paradox/neutrality consciousness begins deep integration. This was not as available as it is now. Like all paradoxes, the intensity of the witnessing of extremes all around and within will often be intensified. More is noticed with the opportunity to integrate into greater wholeness. Contact begins to occur on a higher level with a deeper understanding of who these beings are…other versions of our selves.

So, with all this wonderful detail the most important thing to remember is to simply breathe with life.

To focus on the deep belly breaths.

To find that balanced in through the nose out through the mouth breath.

Feel the expansion and the release, allowing everything to slow down and we come into presence. With presence emotion is noticed with the opportunity to finally feel it and allow the flow out. Like water through a hose do not kink it with the thoughts, judgements, stories/memories being offered. It will flow out with the breath. Remember the long "HA" on the exhale. Relax the belly, don't hold anymore in there. Now is the time. If you would like assistance with this reach out to me. I offer free 20minute calls. 

In presence with what is we know what to do. If that is not there, we are not really present and can continue to focus on the breath. Let the breath be your mantra, your focus, the peaceful loving parent to your emotion.  

A little context - In the past, as an adult, it may have seemed like we did things without thinking and something “bad” would happen, but if we were able to go back and witness that moment, we would most likely see that we weren’t really breathing and therefore unable to have the resources/presence to face the situation the way we would have preferred.  

As always, please only take in what resonates and leave the rest.

If you are ready to dive deeper into becoming the best version of you let’s talk! Send me a message and let me know how you are doing. I would love to connect with you!

Thank you for being here during these times of great healing and integration!

Much Love,



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