Galactic Wisdom and The Law of Assumption

galactic galactic wisdom law of assumption mastery Jul 20, 2023
Spiral Galaxy image showing balance during expansion

Pluto has been back in the sign of Capricorn and will stay there until January 21, 2024. So, we can potentially expect more revealing and releasing to continue until this planet of death and transformation moves into the sign of Aquarius. Bringing in greater unity and collective harmony for the many rather than the few.  

Moving forward I can feel it will be a very different world in the next 5 years for all of us especially if we are deeply listening to our inner wisdom and connection to all that is. For me, I am coming more and more to the understanding that this is Galactic Wisdom.

Galactic Wisdom

Galactic Wisdom or a Galactic perspective is looking at things from the expanded view of Spirit and the understanding that we are not alone in the Universe. There is assistance in multiple forms and ways now more than ever as we move into the New Earth, what was here long ago.

The exciting thing is that we all get to co-create and usher this in by choosing what we want to experience more of. By turning our focus away from what is not serving us and embracing what we truly desire from a deep soul level a new reality is being created. This of course is always true and yet at this time it is happening much more quickly. Creation is speeding up.

The way to really be at our best with this is to re-member. To re-member the truth of who we really are and what we are a part of. The Source, the Universe, the Energy of all things which is You.

Because of this truth. The knowing deep inside that we are all things you as a seemingly singularity is capable of stepping into what you truly desire.

If you can feel it, you can make it happen. You can embody that energy while still simultaneously living a life that may not reflect it right away. You can feel anger sadness or fear and still be in the remembering that this is not the truth of who you are. With time this changes your very field of energy and new things are noticed.

Not always what is expected or desired, new expansions and offerings to do things differently are always offered. Nothing is stagnated in the Universe. Ultimately, we all eventually start moving more consciously into the resonance with the energy we keep choosing to feel.

It’s like turning on Netflix for an hour each night to watch your favorite show except you are doing the programming. You are tuning into your own perfect program through feeling. The more time in this feeling it is helping influence the subconscious mind, relax the body, and allow the Spirit to soar.

I have noticed how often a person will fight and argue within and around themselves about why certain things can’t be done. Even though deep inside they long for it, they still shut it down. What was first believed in order for this to be taken on? Programming.

Maybe a better example would be how many times have we looked in the mirror and felt frustrated or angry at ourselves when we could love and accept what we are seeing like we would do for our young children. Allowing for safe exploration and the excitement to try again. To break the programming with love. You don’t need external young children to relate. You have some children inside you that always appreciate your presence and love. Deep relaxed breaths bringing them into presence to know they are safe.   

Again, it is about the energy and Love is the energy of all things. You have heard this before.

What if you want to separate a bit and experience something other than that?

That’s what we did so we could more specifically experience something. A level of separation is needed to experience and a desire is there to move towards that experience or you would not have come here.  The obvious questions are: What is it? What happens when I find it? How do I live it here?

The Law of Assumption:

Before the Law of Attraction was a semi mainstream phenomenon there was Neville Goddard and the law of assumption.

Love it or hate it the law of attraction material has been huge towards inspiring people to change their lives and ways of thinking. It of course doesn’t always work the way we may seemingly want it to, but there are basic qualities of this information that are extremely valuable in my opinion. The law of assumption is one of them.

This is basically the knowing that we are eternal unlimited creator beings with all the power and ability to create our reality. From this all-encompassing place of potentials and possibilities, what is it we want to be? What energy do we experience when feeling into it and allow it to radiate out from a place of presence.

Through a feeling, we can assume the energy of that more specific frequency of experience and navigate our reality from that energy intentionally every opportunity we have.

We would still of course need to honor where we are and what feedback our perceived reality is giving us. What we feel in the moment while at the same time always coming back to the deeper knowing and truth. The truth that we are all things and can choose our focus. This is the view of Spirit.

This can be more practically referred to as our “True North”. We may not always seemly be moving in that direction and yet that is where we are drawn. This is a universal law of its own. I couldn’t tell you any name it goes by, but we will always be drawn back to our Source and the deep truth of who we are no matter how far we may seemingly stray away from it.

To help with this here is a little bit of what I received from a number of Neville’s speaking engagements in the 1950’s which were turned into books.

  • Feel it as being so
  • Think from it rather than thinking of it
  • Visualize doing what will appease that desire
  • “Thought is the coin of heaven” Invest these coins don’t spend them. Choose wisely the thoughts you believe which are offered in your mind. Are they toward what is desired?


Once you know who you want to be, based of course on your deep inner knowing, allow yourself to surrender to it. Actively move towards it by spending some time being in the feeling of it. Every time you remember really feel it and breathe.

Notice/witness what thoughts you are entertaining while focusing on the breath.  If these thoughts or “coins of heaven” are being spent rather than invested use the breath to help let everything go. “HA” the exhale.

What do I assume the energy of? Well Self-Mastery of course. I am not walking on water or able to fly yet, but I do catch myself in old patterns and remember to breath, to feel, to surrender, then choose in that moment how to proceed.

There is a choice to embody the energy of Self-mastery while still feeling the anger, sadness, or fear, in that moment. And in that choosing to feel at the core of what I am desiring to be, I can also sense what may happen next. Knowing by example what many amazing masters who came before me would do. Not the action but the energy they embodied.

They walked among those suffering held space and rose above to show the way out not by ignoring the people, but by being right there loving them as they are. It is truly the same with our emotions.


As always please only take in what resonates and throw away the rest.


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