What Is Hidden Is Being Revealed

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The Tree of Life

Whether we label that revealing as good or bad a frightening experience of darkness and the confusion may follow. An occurrence, which often will happen just before we are about to get what we want. Just before we step out into the unknown, before the dawning of a new reality or it can even happen just after a huge desirable change in our lives.

All this change creates a feeling of insecurity for we do not know what will happen next. Because of this feeling, the mind will offer many different scenarios based on the past to help figure it out and alleviate this.

There is always the desire to feel safe, secure, and in control, but as we know control is an illusion.

Basically, the insecure feeling is just the mind not knowing what will happen next because everything is so new and expansive, really anything is possible in this space especially if we are staying present and noticing what is around us.

There is also a law of balance to consider with this that is not often spoken of and yet is right in front of us in the symbol of the tree of life.

As we strive to be the light and love, to become a higher expression, and raise our consciousness one will also draw in the polarity to be worked with in order to remain balanced during our incarnational journey here on this planet. This can bring confusing emotions and even various visions to those more energetically sensitive.

This is not to be feared for it is what a higher level of consciousness is. Higher consciousness is simply the ability to see more, to be aware of more, more that we are feeling inside, more of the illusions around us that have tricked ourselves and others into feeding them.

We as powerful creator beings have given power to illusions offered as thoughts inside our heads.

These thoughts about ourselves, life, or the nature of things are programs which create perceptions clouding higher realities all around us. These same habitual thoughts create undesired emotions and yet like all things it can be navigated with presence.  Especially with context such as what I am about to share, but first some back story on the one presenting it would be helpful.

Matias De Stefano has been sharing his experience of the many lifetimes which he remembers very vividly with the world for a number of years now. He has brought forth much ancient wisdom and context for things that have long been hidden from view. This hiding was not always for malicious reasons, but instead so we could have this dense experience of forgetting along with the exaltation of remembering.

Even more is being revealed at this time, and much of it can be hard to look at. In the revealing and the feelings that come forth there is healing that can manifest within the place of presence through our connection to Sprit. What better way to cultivate this than to simply breathe and notice. This is the art of meditation in action. That which can be lived as a daily moving meditation as the witness. 

How? Notice all that is being offered and by not choosing anything but the breath so as to allow the flow of energy to pass and reveal the wisdom it holds.

The thing to remember is that usually this wisdom is revealed after we have totally surrendered to the experience rather than trying to manage it with thoughts within the very same mind creating the illusion. We are looking for Divine thoughts beyond all the noise.

When power is giving to the thoughts in the form of memories, judgements, analyzing, and mental distraction it will persist and creates pain rather than simply sensation and awareness as it is.

Pain is often the result of judging a sensation rather than listening to it. By listening I mean the deeper listening from a place of Spirit. Witnessing from a place of curiosity rather than thinking we know what a thing is. Again, not giving power to any thought offered.

It’s that we shouldn’t think about it, that is impossible but to instead choose what thoughts are entertained and when non are helpful to choose to give power to the breath until the energy moves and shifts.

This is very simple and yet often extremely difficult in practice. That is why I offer mentoring programs which strengthen your inner sourced connection to Spirit and increase your volition in doing this.

Approaching these challenges in an empowered way can become automatic. You don’t have to fall for the tricks the mind offers to confuse you.  If you are ready to shift this pattern, simply ask for assistance and watch what shows up.

Emotional and physical pain are one in the same. There is an energy being held there asking for attention, in-tension. Like the emotion it needs to be breathed with to be given presence and power so as to transmute it and/or receive the message of how to best navigate it.

You have to go down to go up

“Raise your vibration doesn’t mean to get out from the lower vibration. It means to rise up the lower vibration.” This is a quote from an interview Matias De Stefano did on the Know ThySelf with André Duqum podcast about a year ago.

It is a great expression of wisdom and explanation for why it often seems like we can be riding a high and everything is going amazing then all of a sudden, the bottom seems to drop out, things seem dark and confusing, and we are not sure what to do next.

Well, this is actually a good thing for being a balanced grounded embodied human being. We can’t just runaway and bliss out for very long. There will always be the pulling back for integration and sustainable expansion.

Matias goes on to explain that, “The Universe is a closed system. The higher you go up the faster you go down.” This is best exemplified in nature. Like a tree that grows too fast. Without the deep roots it will fall over.

Nature always shows us the way. Rather than escape we are being asked to embrace the unknown and the unseen. To feel and allow the movement back to love especially when certain painful revelations occur.

The tree of life is in balance. Allow yourself to be in flow with the constant transformation which is the energy of life. Be curious about what seems dark and scary for these are often the minerals that are needed to grow up and beyond.

There is a great analogy that Matias offered as a way to explain this:

  • The plant roots deep in the darkness
  • A thing is produced in this space leading to love
  • A center is cultivated in that love
  • With limbs/branches going out to everyone around you
  • Open yourself to receive information/light through the leaves
  • Fruit is created but the goal of fruit is to nourish the seed which goes back down to the darkness, the ground.

In my own personal journey, it was in the darkness that I realized the light. In the pain that I found my center. In the forgetting, I was made to remember. 

Keeping in mind the possibility that the faster you go up the faster you come back down. Please go easy on yourself and trust you are always in that place of love even when things seem dark and confusing. Find your center and breath into that space, ask for assistance from your guides and Source.

I love you! You got this!


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