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Whether or not we want it change comes, but will we create a new pattern or an old one? What would you like to be different? How can it happen?


It has been a busy time for me these last few months. I recently moved in with my partner and her 9-year-old son choosing to fully embrace what I have avoided most of my life, starting a family.

It is going well and I am learning a lot about actually embodying the tools and techniques that keep me grounded and in my heart in a deeper way.

Also, as you may have probably noticed, I have more fully stepped out to share my message with the world. Thank you so much for witnessing and supporting me in that! I look forward to how that evolves and what we can co-create together.

With all that being said, I have to be honest, all this change brings up an insecure feeling for me that can feel quite overwhelming at times. All because I do not know what will happen next.

Whenever this happens, my mind will then try to fill in the gaps. If I give those speculative thoughts any energy/focus old patterns will start to rear their heads which in my case would be to run for the hills.

These unhelpful thoughts and judgements start to invade my mind and if I am not paying attention the old pattern of trying to escape, to check out, or to try and control things emerges. Perhaps you can relate?

This “trying to fill in the gaps” is something every human goes through. Our personal minds will try to figure out what is going to happen next but it can only draw on what has already been experienced. It is like a computer. Input in input out

Like a computer it only knows what has been programed into it!

It will always go to the past as a reference.

And so, we often just get more of the same although the names and faces of the characters may change.

The trick is to go to the Universal Mind/Divine Mind/Heart Energy Center/Spirit for answers and yet the personal mind often dominates with all it’s noise, concerns, judgements, and analyzation. Like clouds obstructing the sun.

What is going on in the personal mind? Why is it so hard to control and quiet it down? After all it is our own mind, our own free will, our own space, right?

According to an obscure book that sat unpublished for over 70 years by an extremely famous author the main cause of this lack of “control” over our personal minds is the result of what he termed hypnotic rhythm and the act of drifting mentally.

Thoughts, many of which are not our own, become so familiar that we believe them to be true. It occupies space and creates a permanent habit of thinking referred to as hypnotic rhythm. This habit of thinking influences our lives and limits our ability to fully see/embrace all the blessings that are all around us. It creates the glasses that we view our reality from.   

The author I am referring to is Napoleon Hill. He describes a person who drifts as lacking purpose, procrastinates a decision, lacks self-confidence, is a jack of all trades master of non, has little or no imagination, and will work harder to get out of thinking than most others work in earning a living.

A non-drifter: has ownership of their mind and uses it, they are well organized with a plan, have major goals leading towards a central idea, knows what they want and how to get it, gives direct answers, never blames others, allows their presence to be felt wherever they are, and does things on their own terms. 

This is a very pragmatic approach. As spiritual beings it is not that simple in fact it is a paradox. As I mentioned previously our personal minds only know what is put in them from past experience and learning. So of course, part of Hill’s message in his books is to educate that mind but I feel he is also describing in not so many words what happens when you connect to Divine Mind and Spirit. For example, when Hill writes, “allowing our presence to be felt” in my opinion it isn’t an ego thing of being loud and seen but energetically solid, embodied, present in the moment, engaged with what is happening around us even when it is uncomfortable. Aka not trying to escape. Being both a witness and a divine creator dancing with it all.

So why share this specific information from an author who is associated with businessmen, money, and often a very material view of success?

I share this because we are in time of great change. Like this book that sat unpublished for 70 years for various reasons, we are now in a time of revealing all that was once hidden. A time to utilize knowledge in a way that was once reserved for only a select few. This book was very different than his other more famous book Think and Grow Rich and yet it deals with the biggest block to success in all pursuits. The book describes the negative polarity in life, a subtle energy humanity must overcome referred to as the devil.

Napoleon Hill learned to gain mastery of his personal mind long enough to find what was there. What was hindering his progress at higher levels what many people including myself experience as we break free of old patterns and step into what is new and unknown. How he experienced it was quite dramatic and yet those of us who have experienced severe trauma will undoubtedly understand this association with dark or negative energy.

The ability to break free from the negativity, to claim our personal space, and to choose what we give power to is the path. It is not always easy but we are all in it together and can help each other remember what is true beyond it all.

The negative polarity actually makes this life journey possible and helps us learn to stand in our power by creating the illusion that we are separate, different, broken, weak, special, better than or less than all that is around us.

We may become lost for a while but more and more our focus over lifetimes will be drawn back from the forgetting and away from the illusion.

Back we are pulled inside to the truth that we are Spirit.

We are Light and Love.

We are Free and Sovereign.

That we are only playing a game down here of forgetting that briefly.

The illusions of separation are only temporary to have our experience here. That there is much more love and support than negativity if we are willing to let go of what no longer serves even if it goes against everything we have ever known. That we can embrace the discomfort of the unknown and call in our divine guidance and support.

This all points to the only thing that can trap energy, a repetitive loop or what Hill called hypnotic rhythm in his “Book Outwitting the Devil”. It is not some evil force (although it can definitely be experienced as such) but an energy that demands that we stand up and take ownership of our true power, what is rightfully ours by choosing presence/consciousness/the now moment in every breath. To command our space and say no more. To breathe in our Spirit and ask for Divine assistance. To quit giving power to thoughts and ideas that do not truly serve our full potential here. Especially, when we may not know what that is yet.

We know energy cannot be trapped or remain stagnant for very long. The circle will always become a spiral. And so negative energies also serve our growth and development but should never be the focus of our lives or consciously given power to. You can see this archetype represented very well symbolically in the Rider Waite tarot deck. Portrayed are two humans chained but if you look closely, you will see the chains are not tight, they can easily be lifted.

We lift the chains by using the power of consciousness. To become more aware, more solidified in our moment-to-moment life, and able to feel the heart’s connection to divine guidance. Choosing consciousness and choosing all the awareness and the feelings that come with it in every breath of everyday. All while being kind to ourselves when we have slip ups or bad days. Breathe deeply, release slowly, and repeat.

Thank you again for being here with me, your presence, your strength, your choice to focus on Love is such a blessing to the world.



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