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emotions self love Apr 29, 2023
The moon, water, and presence

Life is deep dive into emotion. Whether embraced or avoided it is hard to deny emotion in our reality. If you are anything like me, and apparently many other beings throughout the galaxy, it isn’t always apparent or appreciated. Many of the emotions we try to subdue or dismiss are the most valuable when allowed to be acknowledged, felt, and released without judging, analyzing, or labeling them.

The mind will always do these things, but we don’t have to give power to those thoughts being experienced. We do not have to hold onto what is offered, we can be both the witness and in the felt experience.

Many other civilizations tried to suppress their emotions, control them or outright disconnect from them and ultimately suffered until the wisdom for their emotion was finally understood. Some had to go so far as to be threatened with extinction as a species for this realization. I am of course talking from a galactic perspective. The knowing that other civilizations exist out among the stars and this information is available.

It is easy to understand why beings would want to suppress emotion but how were they even able to do that for generations if it is such a crucial component of life?

I wrote about a pattern of manifestation in a previous blog post based on the work of Napoleon Hill. Specifically, Outwitting the Devil. A book about the “negative” polarity that exists within creation and more specifically the revealing of an extremely strong continued habit called hypnotic rhythm.

This knee jerk consciously engrained yet often very deep unconscious reaction, is a powerful way to explain why even when we can embrace a deep understanding that would change our lives that we fail to be able to follow it. How we know that emotion is important and even desired but usually only when it is the right kind of emotion, the kind that feels “good”. It is natural to want to deny it when it feels “Bad”.

Feeling “bad” is the result of a habit of judgement. This was explained in the Right Use of Will material. I shared in the Feeling Without Thinking post how a judgement is a conditional response to something that is not truly understood.

You can experiment with this in your own life in noticing how closely excitement and anxiety resemble each other. It is only the thoughts we embrace that changes the experience of the energy.

The very nature of both of them is one of projection into the future via thought. The anticipation of a thing or an event. With anxiety we are focused on what is not desired while excitement is directed towards being more open and curious.  

There is of course an exception to all this in the understanding that our natural state is Love.

This could be argued extensively and yet every wise being throughout history has shared that Love is the answer to all things. The Love they allowed to flow from within and the lives they lived as the result are the proof. How they impacted the world and created a lasting memory that continues to inspire countless others to this now moment. 

Love does not judge. (Discernment is different. It is knowing what feels right for us while not needing to label or judge something as bad or wrong. Which frees the charge around the thing being labeled so as not to continue to focus and draw it in).

It is the nature of the intellect/ego to always be trying to figure things out but it can never know all the variables like the Spirit can.

It will get convinced of something as being true and run with it so many times that it becomes a way of Being, a hypnotic rhythm.

For instance, labeling anger as bad or sadness as not being helpful. Sometimes this is exactly what is needed and will only linger as the result of our thinking about what is happening.

What if those emotions are always there waiting for us to feel them and breath them back into presence? That in the place of presence with the emotion we reclaim that energy to manifest more of what is desired. What if we are manifesting perfectly in order to connect with these emotions to bring us into wholeness?

It would make sense that we are to ascend with all parts of our Self rather than dismissing and turning away. What if it was as simple as breathing with them, loving them back from where they originated from in our lives. Back to the energy of all things…Love.

Judgements become beliefs leading to an operating system that distorts our view of what the world truly is. To go even deeper these judgements and beliefs lower our full potential and create density in our vibratory fields of perception.

This perception could be much more expanded by integrating and elevating our consciousness through the release of the energy that is being held in place by the judgements and denials of emotion. By facing, feeling, and releasing or integrating what is held in place by these beliefs more of our full potential and power to manifest is realized.

Our emotions are often expressing things that need to be released and completed from parts of Self that may still be repressed. The longer we deny it the stronger and more difficult life can become until we release or integrate the charge of energy.

Often when emotions do finally get our attention, we will try to manage them with spiritual practices, minimize them, or reframe the experience with our minds. How often do we just feel and allow the flow?

This is the value of meditation that is focused on the breath and just noticing everything else, being the witness, the consciousness. There is a part that is noticing it all while at the same time having the experience.

If this is difficult for you to experience, I can help guide you to this deep part of Self. This is what Spirit Guidance Mentorship is. https://www.jasondonaldsonhealer.com/spirit


It is totally understandable to want to try and direct our lives towards greater ease and grace, but truly it must be done from inside first.

We all have our preference in life and what is felt during various experiences especially when there is already energy being held around that situation. This is why trauma is such a huge topic.

I would describe trauma as lingering effects, and a very powerful example of the hypnotic rhythm pattern. A reaction, a memory, a held energy, an incomplete process and expression often hidden for very important reasons. There was often an inability to navigate what happened at the time of the experience and/or our emotional expression would not have been “safe” then.

Very often these lingering effects/energies are also created when thinking about what might have happened after an experience took place. It all comes together creating a way of thinking/judging the world and for good reason.

We do not what to experience it again and yet that is exactly what happens, to a lesser degree, until the process is completed. Such as:

What wasn’t able to express when the event occurred

The held energy/consciousness that wants to express, the emotion.

This of course is to be taken slow and best done with the guidance of someone who is trained in this type of work. Trust in your inner guidance and ability to discern who is right for you.   

With practice in simply feeling emotion and letting it go without thinking and judging it, the more the intensity starts to be more manageable.

It is the belief that these “undesired” emotions must be controlled or eliminated that makes it harder for them to be fully released/integrated. They are there trying to get our attention for a reason, there is information and a desire for completion of the process. This is why it seems to continue manifesting externally despite our best efforts to create otherwise. The energy is held in our vibratory field because it is a part of Self.

The first step in all this is just knowing that it is all based on a judgement of an energy which is present for a reason. If we can start to come to a more neutral place with what is being felt and experienced things become clearer.

When we think we know what things are we are often suppressing its true expression whether that is our emotions or the people around us.

As we all know suppressed things will continue to grow and interrupt our lives until what is felt is simply acknowledged without judging. When things are denied parts of Self are limited. This makes it more difficult to fully be in our power.

When we continue to move towards wholeness, embracing the Love we are deep inside, allowing emotion to be felt, we are able to navigate this reality with more grace and ease and live our best lives. There are still challenges but the emotions are not so overwhelming around them. The emotions actually then become an ally assisting the guidance of Spirit.

When we bring our consciousness to these parts of Self and hold them in the energy of the Love that we are things shift within and all around us as a result. This was expressed as the solution in the Right Use of Will book channeled by Ceanne DeRohan. That we can bring the loving light of Spirit in that space where the energy/emotion is being held. To be fully present and feel without judgement or denial. To be unconditionally loving of that emotion, that part of Self. To not reject the experience. To no longer deny that part of Self trying to get our attention by letting go of what we think we know or need to do from a thinking place.  

This is also conveyed in material by many others such as Lyssa Royal-Holt whom channeled the book titled, The Golden Lake. The guidance is to just sit with the pain and truly feel it. “When you meditate, allow yourself to go into your quantum state (your One self) and feel the pain there. When you do, the charge starts releasing.”

I am also want to share how very inspired I am by Brian D. Ridgeway’s work as well. A man called the spell breaker who understands how important it is to feel emotions to “unfreeze” the parts of ourselves which have often been silenced and suppressed. That these frozen or suppressed parts will continue to try and get our attention until they are loved in presence. He also understands how important the breath is in doing this. Something that I have been seeing is truly our greatest tool if it can even be labeled as a "tool". It simply is the most vital thing.

To me our breath is closer to who we truly are.

The breath is our connection to all things beyond what we may be thinking or believing at any point in time.

By surrendering to the now moment, we will naturally bring a focus on deeper breathing increasing our awareness/consciousness.

Feeling and releasing without listening to the thoughts and judgements

Just being that witness consciousness and allowing the energy of who we truly are to bubble up.

Our essence and power that which is connected to all things

God, Source, The Universe, All That Is. It is the energy and feeling of Love and is always shining from within like the sun.

Always there just beyond the valuable weather patterns of emotion and all the thoughts about what is perceived.

The way out is through breathing and letting go

Allowing and trusting

Feeling and releasing

Knowing you as Spirit, are invincible and indestructible

And in any now moment,

You will know what to do.

Connect to your breath, be conscious of your Heart, the energetic center, be curious and feel the flow of the Universe guiding you to exactly what you want. It is a shifting of frequency that changes reality not manipulating what you think reality is. It starts inside. It is breathed, it is felt, and it is now.

Thank you so much for making the time to read this! Hopefully, it was helpful on some level. Please only take in what resonates and discard the rest.

Love, Jason

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