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Under water ruins with text Atlantis, Lemuria & the right use of will

If your childhood was anything like mine you were probably asked; “What were you thinking?”, “Did you stop and think about that?”, and the classic, “Why don’t you go and think about what you just did?”.

Well, maybe all that thinking is part of the problem. What if we just stopped to feel without listening to all those thoughts constantly being offered to us. The judgements, analyzation, mentalization and often denial of emotion that is simply wanting to be expressed.

Well, that is exactly what many of us are being asked to do these days, to feel. To connect to the raw emotion deep inside that may have been silenced by the intellect or even the Spirit. Yes, the Spirit can actually shut down expression that it deems unhelpful, unevolved, and negative. This is the premise of a series of books that are unlike anything I have ever read in how they can challenge and progress us in our evolution of consciousness.

 The Right Use of Will

So many times, I almost got rid of this book, but I must have known on some level there was something there for me when I was ready.

The book is called The Right Use of Will. It is the first book in a series that are channeled by Ceanne DeRohan which are unlike any of the hundreds of spiritual/metaphysical books I have read. It is designed to help people feel their Will(Emotion). To face what has been denied creating struggle and pain on this planet in over half of the population according to the book.

The definition for Will in this book is not what you may think. It is described as that part of us that simply feels deep inside. The part that is very slow and intentional in its expression. The Free Will. The feminine aspect; desire, receptive, and intuitive. The part that communicates with a full spectrum of emotion without placing any label or judgement on it. There is nothing “bad” or “undesirable” these are things placed on the feelings by what the book describes as the Spirit. The Spirit being the mind and masculine according to the book. 

The book further explains that there is an imbalance between the two which has played out in the destruction of two different civilizations that existed around the same time long ago. Each group embraced either the Will or the Spirit as their preferred expression so exclusively that it led to the destruction of their civilizations according to this source. These civilizations were Atlantis and Lemuria.

This connection to the Will is felt. To me it sounds a bit like the Soul or emotional body. It does not want to be labeled or judged, controlled or suppressed. Although balance is needed in its expression, it is shared in the book that when it is denied continually energy builds and will eventually come to the surface if not in this lifetime in others and often on a collective scale.

It is explained that many beings tend to be more dominate in either the Will or the Spirit. The Lemurians were more interested in the Will. The desires from deep within, the felt guidance and emotional connection to the world around them. This connection was said to have led the Lemurians to a beautiful society full of enjoyment with effective emotional connection/communication, a deep expression of the body, and a very high athletic ability. A very physically embodied and expressive people who lived close to nature but did not give much value to what the Spirit had to contribute.

As someone who often speaks about connecting to the Spirit. I see the Spirit as healed whole and complete. The ultimate guide of higher knowledge beyond all material things and yet a part of it all. And so, this information was very hard for me to assimilate. Being sensitive with a strong emotional connection, I preferred to rise above it all and look down from a direct connection to Source and then navigate my reality. Unknowingly, I was denying a part of myself.

Along with feeling and expression there is a tendency to label and judge what is felt as being positive or negative. To choose fear over love isn’t the answer but to choose both, as the author states on her website, realizing that loving the fear brings more depth of knowing and balance in the Heart.

I had been trying to use this beautiful feeling of Spirit connection as my goal for how to live incarnated and create. Placing more importance on this Spirit connection rather than allowing more expression/feeling of other desires and emotions. This is what became an overly controlled existence the Atlanteans experienced and the Lemurians rejected.

Knowingly and unknowingly, many of us are shutting down what we are being asked to fully feel which can accumulate over lifetimes until a choice needs to be made. Do we bravely face it or use some kind of trick to kick the can further down the road?

Apparently, the people of Atlantis were able to do push this away rather effectively for a much longer time than the Lemurians and yet they too eventually realized that there was an energy that wanted to express. An aspect that had been denied for so long that creation was being blocked in a sense. That in order to evolve further they had to integrate this part and so a cataclysm happened. It is suggested that this was understood and accepted on a level of knowing that they would make it through the dark times that followed. The times of forgetting in order to start over, in a sense, to find balance between Will and Spirit.

According to The Council of 13 message posted on Youtube that is exactly what we are coming out of now. We are coming out of that time of forgetting. Coming back to the remembering of the light and love we are while still honoring the emotions that may be labeled negative or undesirable. To find balance with all parts of Self. To allow for full expression in order to fully manifest peace, harmony, and balance on this planet. To feel and breathe with it into Presence.

This can be a long slow process requiring patience or happen immediately. Based on what I have gleaned, these books often take years to read and are recommended to be read in order. I have only just started after putting it off for 10 years. As I mentioned earlier, I had chosen to do it a different way for a while which is perfect for me. I am now ready for the book. Please do the same without judgement if you decide to get this book.

I am sharing this information as it is my intention to present helpful material that I feel will accelerate us on the path of Self-Mastery. I also offered a free class following this theme. You can find that here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9We26fpLYo&t=187s


The Way Out/Through

What many of us have been doing is prolonging or postponing the inevitable. As the planet ascends, we are being asked to feel. Not to heal it, but to be human and dance with life rather than try to become a master over it all through the power of Spirit which is what the Atlanteans rather effectively did until it eventually caught up with them.

The energy will always follow us. The Will cannot be ignored forever. It must be allowed to express its self, to feel it is being heard and no longer silenced. That it can trust the Spirit to give it space so once again the Will and Spirit come into balance in the Heart and Body. Then creation of our greatest desires will be able to fully manifest from a place of wholeness and balance.

All parts embraced rather than left to grow in the shadow of denial and repression. This is the message as I understand it as of this writing. I too am learning and invite you to check out the material if you feel guided and see what it may hold for you when you are ready.

As always please only take in what resonates and discard the rest. I am not an expert by any means with this information in these books.

To end, I would like to share my process with this new awareness and how I am working with the challenges presented during this time. Perhaps it will be helpful to you as well.

I have been striving to remember to just feel what comes up and take deep balanced breaths.

To actually focus on the feeling fully.

So many of us are used to trying to control emotion, keep it away, or deny it with the power of our personal mind or our Spirit. We start to feel it then shut it down often for fear that it will overwhelm us and never stop. It is true that can happen although it will eventually stop because it always does. 

Know this, the more we indulge in the habit of judging the energy as bad, that it shouldn’t be happening, or that it has to mean something the longer it persists. None of these thoughts really matter until the energy passes through us. None of the true answers come until the flow is complete.

Feeling Without Thinking Method

Try this:

The next time you notice a feeling just be with it.

Deep balanced breaths

Go into meditation in that moment

Letting go of any thought that is offered

Focus on the out breath as you just feel

Feel the energy of it

Surrender to it

Breath the energy of it noticing as you do

Do try to change it, figure it out, or wish it away

Just simply feel with the aid of the breath

You will be surprised at how quickly it will pass if you do not try to figure it out. Just allow it to be an expression like a child sharing something with you. Be the patient parent that just listens and holds space while the energy flows through. Do not be the detached parent. Be there in the space feeling. Breathing with that child bringing it back into presence. Allow for an unrestricted body and mind so the wisdom of the felt sense can finally express.

Your body may twitch or jolt. Tears may come. A voiced expression. This is great! Just allow that release. Find safe nonjudgmental places you can do this.

The more we do this the more it will bring the Will into harmony with the Spirit. The more the Spirit can acknowledge the Will allowing the unobstructed creational power and expression of what is truly desired by both to be manifested. We cannot ignore one and expect the Universe to reward that behavior. Just like a good parent the Universe will always strive to support in a way that benefits both and not take sides.

Much Love,


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