Happy Galactic New Year 2023!

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Mayan Pyramid. Stars in the background with a blue light.

Happy Galactic New Year!

This happens every July 26th according to the Dreamspell Calendar.

The last couple of days I found myself researching the Mayan Calendar a source of material that gave me a great deal of context and hope for the future almost 20 years ago.  At that time, I was habitually meditating for many hours a day and studying metaphysics with a really gifted channel and Tarot reader in Arizona. A tough, strong, outspoken, four planet Scorpio, Sicilian woman who really knew how to get me to see my unhelpful patterns.  One of those patterns was looking out at the world and blaming it for my situation.  

At the time, as I expanded my consciousness and looked around, I noticed a pattern of power over others in such a deep and disturbing way that I naturally became angry and wanted to fight to change things (I see this with many just becoming more consciously aware of the game).  So much was happening that I felt people needed to know about. That we needed to stop what groups of people were doing.  Shockingly, most people didn’t really care, didn’t want to look at it, or had just surrendered to it being the way things are.  

This of course made me even more frustrated and angry at the time.  I got pretty caught up in it until I came across an Ian Lungold video where he was describing the Mayan calendar.  Rather than just focusing on the gloom and doom of the end date of this calendar he was actually breaking it down into what it truly is, the pattern of the evolution of consciousness.  He also shared some gems of wisdom that I found very helpful at the time and will share in this writing.

Ian Xel Lungold

Ian was a jeweler working with Mayan symbols and by doing so became activated by the powerful energy these symbols carry.  In a video from Feb 5, 2005, he described how while working with these ancient symbols recreating them by hand the very strong meanings started to impart themselves into him.  This naturally increased his curiosity in the Mayan culture and led him to discover that the Mayans have a number of calendars previously unknown to many.  

He came up with a way to convert the typical Gregorian Calendar we use into the Mayan Tzolk’in which consists of 260 days. 20 named days and a cycle of 13 numbered.  He then produced and sold these leading to collaborations with others such as Carl Johan Calleman whom had also done a great deal of research and continues to this day sharing about this wonderful wisdom held by the Mayan people for thousands of years. The Mayan people still exist today which is important to add.  Ian recommended that people go to the source and do their own research. He transitioned November 16, 2005. His work is still being shared at https://www.mayanmajix.com

It is also extremely important to mention Jose Arguelles whom did a great deal to bring the Mayan calendar into the awareness of many all over the world as well.  For those that don’t know, Jose was the one who helped organize the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.

This was considered the first organized global peace meditation in our recent recorded history.  He also coined the amazing term, “Time is not money. Time is Art.”.  His version of the Mayan Calendar has some controversy surrounding it as far as it’s accuracy and yet this Dreamspell calendar or Galactic calendar has been very helpful for many in helping them understand and honor the natural energies of each day and cycle rather than get caught up in the mechanized time keeping of the Gregorian calendar, which the ancient Mayans also had long ago called the Haab’, but did not to live their lives by it as much as we do today. This was more to track the seasons for planting and harvesting.  

There is so much more depth and detail to get into with this that I am not really desiring to dive into. There are many others out there that are already doing that.  I simply share information and energy to help elevate consciousness and those desiring to work with me individually or in small groups reach out. 

I am also not an expert in the Dreamspell Calendar by any means as well.  You can check out https://www.13moon.com for more information on this current White Overtone Wizard Year 2023.  Apparently, there are also Dreamspell Calendar apps.  

I am sharing this background information to spark interest and to honor Ian Xel Lungold by sharing his name and some of his pearls of wisdom I had heard so long ago.  His energy in the videos I watched and the wisdom he shared played a big role in helping me have more hope and to choose light and love while on this planet at this level of density.  

It’s definitely getting easier to embody that love energy from deep inside as we truly are in the New Earth and yet so much is still to be revealed fully.  So many opportunities to become the master through our inner Self. 

I truly believe and see that the 2021 shift (2012 typo? Maybe) described in the Long Count calendar happened and we are in the New Earth.  The question is are we choosing it? Choosing to let go of old beliefs and ideas about the old world’s systems and structures that are slowly falling away and being replaced by organic and co-creative inspirations.

Are we able to let go of the old illusions that were accepted as fact in the previous cycle?

It is Jose’s calendar which presents July 26th as the Galactic New Year, the start of the Dreamspell/Galactic Calendar.  Technically, in astronomical terms a Galactic Year would be between 225,000 and 250,000 thousand years which is the amount of time it takes our Sun to orbit the Galactic Center/center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Of course, this information would kill the magic of it all, but only if we close the door. The Long Count calendar was a guide used for greater context of the evolution of consciousness/changing cycles and understanding for when things seem random or chaotic over a long period of time.  Those in deep forgetting would need this information especially when everything around them suggested they lived in a machine driven or primal reaction-based world.

The Mayans use/used their Tzolk’in calendar to connect them to the energies of each day, the cycles, the subtle energy patterns which exist all around us.  Much context for our spiritual human experience has been hidden until the last 100 years with everything becoming more transparent and accelerating now.  

This is the Re-Membering! The Ascension!

Here are some words of wisdom from Ian Xel Lungold in his Sedona, Arizona February 5, 2005 video lecture titled, “Ian Xel Lungold – The mayan calendar explained - Full lecture!” on Youtube.  

“What you pay attention to you become conscious of.”

“An intention is a focus of your attention.”

Ethics = ”Come from inside your heart and shine out into the world.” And, “Your own innate ability/consciousness of what is right and wrong.”

Morals = “The rules or regulations that are handed down through cultures on what’s appropriate/what’s inappropriate in that culture.”


You can watch the February 5, 2005, video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCaaXHrTwDQ&t=5679s

If you search you can find more and with better quality.         

Also, I highly recommend the José Argüelle’s book the Arcturus Probe especially if you feel you have an Arcturian Galactic family connection.

Hopefully this information was helpful or at least entertaining. As always, please only take in what resonates and discard the rest.

Much Love,



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